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Smiles and Tears

This is where we spent Christmas morning – Lilli Pilli beach, Australia.  And that’s Ben and Connor running excitedly into the surf, where Connor had a fabulous time jumping waves and body surfing.

We spent the rest of the day opening presents, washing the car (I swear it was the kids’ idea), playing games, and building Lego.  Smiles all around.

Then at 3pm, tired and over excited, Connor remembered that we’re spending the next year travelling, and will never again live in our old house.  “But mummy,” he wailed, “I don’t know what our house looks like, now!  I just want to go home!”

He spent the next 5 minutes curled on my lap sobbing, at which point I gave up on being a good mommy and handed him a Christmas cookie – one with extra M&Ms.  He took it, but I’m not sure he was convinced a cookie made up for leaving home.



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