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Just the back

As you can see from the picture, Connor has some serious hair.  He used to let us cut it, but one day he realised that when we cut his hair, his curls disappear, and since then has put up a fight every time we suggest a trip to the barber.  Lately, this aversion to the barber has spread to include an intense dislike of hair brushes.

So I was shocked this morning when Sophie offered to brush his hair and he agreed, with the caveat “only the back, not the front.”  Being a nice big sister, she proceeded to begin brushing only the back of his hair, and just about jumped out of her skin when he shrieked at the top of his voice.

“I said, ‘Just the back, not the front!'”  Confusion all around…Sophie hadn’t gone near the front of his head.  We tried to explain this, when he grabbed the brush and pointed to the side without bristles, yelling, “I said, just use the back!”



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