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Are we there, yet?

Yesterday we did the drive from Batemans Bay to Inverloch, a town about 2 hours outside Melbourne.  We were a bit nervous going into the trip – it’s a 7 hour drive, which is about 3 hours longer than we’ve ever driven with both kids.

We charged up our devices, packed up the car, and set off.  

I’d been hoping to stop at the Bega cheese factory along the way (no one else was super thrilled with that idea, but luckily, I’m the mom).  But before we got there, we discovered the tiny cheese making town of Bodalla.

The Dairy Shed had about 10 cheeses to try, so I was a happy camper, and a beautiful fireplace that has me convinced we need to return in winter.

The highlight of the stop was feeding the baby cows (my words – Connor quickly informed me that baby cows are called calves).

If you’re making this drive, I’d also recommend a stop at the Killer Whale Museum in Eden at $10 per adult, $2.50 per child 5-15, and children under 5 free…

And the all abilities playground in Bairnsdale, Victoria.



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