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On the road, again

That title’s for you, dad.  Sing it with me!

On Monday, we drove the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, Australia.  

We started in Geelong, which ended up being pretty disappointing.  Our hotel room was smelly and the pool was dirty, and the local restaurant we went to for dinner took forevvvvver to bring our food, which led to an extremely hangry family (of which I’ll admit to being the grumpiest – Ben pulled good parent duty and ran around outside with the kids to distract them during the wait).  This is them looking all angelic in the sunlight, about 3 minutes before they dissolved into a crying mess.

On the plus side, Geelong (by the way Americans, that’s roughly pronounced Geh-long…if you pronounce it like it’s spelled, the Australians will laugh at you, even if they’re your husband) has a lovely waterfront, with a Christmas tree and an ice cream truck.

Shortly after leaving Geelong, we stopped at Bells Beach.  I was crossing my fingers for a Keanu sighting, but had to be content with corralling two small children whom I had accidentally scared senseless with a story about a 30 year storm and a cute surfer who’d rather die than go to jail.

And then, dear friends, just outside of Lorne, it happened.  I met my beach soulmate.  The water was clear and warm, there was no seaweed or jellyfish, and it stayed shallow, so I could go far out without actually getting wet.  Add to that tidal pools where Connor could splash, and I’d found beach paradise.  Sadly, I never learned this dream beach’s name, but here are a few pictures.

At this point, the kids were exhausted and slept most of the way to the Cape Otway lighthouse.  I was surprised by the entrance fee, but if you can get there earlier in the day than we did, there’s a ton to do.  Plus, we saw a few koalas in the trees!

We finished the day at the 12 Apostles.  By now, I was sick to death of the flies that seem to be everywhere in Victoria in summer, but I braved one last swarm (that sounds like I’m being overly dramatic, but seriously, they’re EVIL) and was rewarded with these views.

We finally collapsed into a motel in Warrnambool way past all of our bedtimes, at which point we were all so tired and cranky that I was very glad the Super Nanny cameras weren’t there to see my poor parenting.  No matter how cranky we get, though, we’re loving the time together.


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