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To book or not to book

I’m convinced that when it comes to travel, there are two main groups.  On the one hand, you have people who begin to research their trips 18 months in advance, and by 12 months out have made every decision and reservation.  They know exactly what they’ll do and where they’ll eat every meal during every day of their vacation.  If you’re really lucky, one of these people is your mom, and you try to get included in family vacations as long as possible (love you, mom!).

On the other hand are the people who plan nothing.  They pick a plane, show up in a random country, walk up to a new hotel each night, and somehow magically have everything on their trip work out perfectly.

Ben and I fall into some horrid in-between category.  We really WANT to book in advance, but we never get around to it.  So we decide we’ll be go with the flow travelers and find accomodation along the way, but the night before we get super stressed and spend hours looking for a last minute booking, simultaneously convinced it would have been cheaper if we’d booked months in advance, and also that we’d get a last minute discount if we just really waited until the last minute.

Luckily, we have another 50 weeks to do some soul searching and discover which kind of travellers we truly are, deep down inside.


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