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10 am panic

While we tend to keep our holidays pretty busy (I’m not really a lounge-by-the-pool kind of girl), we do occasionally have days with nothing planned.  And without fail, these days bring back memories of my time as a stay at home mom (SAHM for those of you who are down with the mommy lingo).

More specifically, these days bring on the 10 am panic.  This is that feeling of dread that comes over you at 10 am when you realise you’ve already been up and playing with the kids for almost 4 hours, and not only have you used up every creative activity you had planned for the day, you’ve also dipped into the bag of fun you were holding onto for tomorrow.

Because it turns out that even though your kids are now 6 and 4, they still have 15 minute attention spans.  Which means half the time you spend longer getting out and cleaning up the paint and glitter (what evil man invented glitter, anyway) than the kids spent playing with it.

And then you do the math, and you realise that with a 7 pm bedtime and a 15 minute attention span, you need 135 more activities to get through the day – 135!!!  Even if you take out time for lunch and afternoon tea and TV (yes, I said TV, don’t judge me), that’s still a lot of activities, and you are not Martha-freakin-Stewart and what the H-E-double hockey sticks are you supposed to do for the next 9 hours!?!?

And somehow your children sense this moment of weakness and pick this exact time to come ask if they can have a Nutella sandwhich for morning tea.  Yes, yes you can.


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