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Hidden gems

After our drive along the great ocean road, we headed off for Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.  The kids were excited (mostly because we bribed them with Hungry Jacks for breakfast, and they didn’t realise it’s a 6 hour drive).  Below is a picture of every fast food playground ever.

Between Geelong and our first stop at Mount Gambier, there wasn’t much, but Mount Gambier ended up being an amazing hidden gem.  We actually wished we were staying there for the night, rather than having to continue on.  We started at the Umpherston Sinkhole (which could use a bit of help from a good marketing department on that name).  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We followed the sinkhole with some lunch (Nutella wraps all around!) in a lovely park and a play on a wagon (which brought back memories of playing in the covered wagon my grandmother had in her front yard when I was a kid – so much fun!).

Before we left, we made one last stop at the Blue Lake which, true to its name, was blue. #nofilter (I caveat, as though I even know how to use a filter in WordPress)

After this fabulous stop, we piled back in the car for the drive to Adelaide during which, again, there was basically nothing.  Except for this gian lobster in Kingston SE, SA.  (I couldn’t remember what town it was in, but it you type “massive lobster in Victoria” into Google, this is actually the first result that comes up.)  And since it doesn’t get much better than a giant lobster, I’ll just leave you right here to contemplate this masterpiece.


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