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Kangaroo Island

From Adelaide, we moved on to Kangaroo Island.  First, be warned that the Sealink ferry from Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island costs money and during peak season can actually book out.  Also, it rocks – a lot.  I was okay on the trip over, but spent most of the trip back extremely green (Ben took a picture, which I will not be sharing here).

Kangaroo Island has 5,000 people living in a space that’s roughly twice as big as Oahu, which makes it a very quiet place.  If you’re looking for some excitement, I’d start with the pelican feeding in Kingscote.  For $5 per adult and $3 per child, you get to see a huge flock of pelicans up close, plus hear some interesting commentary from the man who feeds them.  The show is on everyday at 5pm.

We spent our first full day seeing the attractions around Kingscote.  The first stop was the Emu Bay Lavendar Farm.  The owner can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the various types of lavendar and how they make the oil.  Ben and I found it fascinating…the kids weren’t quite as excited.  This also marked our first unique ice cream trial of the day, with lavendar ice cream.

From there we wandered to the beautiful Emu Bay, where the kids discovered sea weed bags that are filled with water and perfect for squirting and throwing at each other.  I didn’t feel the tiniest bit bad when they ran up to squirt me and I told them to attack daddy instead.  That is, after all, what daddies are for (that, and catching spiders).

Now salty and sandy, we journeyed to a honey farm, where we tried honey ice cream (a unanimous Yuck! from me and the kids) and a sheep farm, where we tried ewe’s milk ice cream (which everyone loved, so Ben and I had to pretend we didn’t want any more so the kids could have it all – some days, being a parent is extra rough).  No pictures, because my camera went on strike for the afternoon, and it’s honestly just too much work getting the pictures off Ben’s camera.

We ended the day in a little cabin in American River, which we all know had to be awesome, because America. 🇺🇸


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