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Scary bugs and beautiful beaches – just your average Australian day

Day 2 in Kangaroo Island, and we decided to go a bit farther afield, with a dive to Seal Bay.  But first, a stop at Raptor Domain, where I learned that despite its scary reputation, you can actually get bitten by a Red Back spider and not realise it, because the symptoms are similar to the flu.  And now I’m thinking back on every bout of flu I had in Australia and wondering if it was actually a spider bite.  Thanks, Raptor Domain.

Also with noting, Connor got to hold a Tawney Frogmouth.  Here’s a link to a picture of one from Wikipedia.  I was too busy worrying about him getting his eye pecked out to take a picture.

The girl working at the cafe where we ate lunch (who happened to be American – I didn’t recognise her accent – #fail) told us we could probably see seals for free at Bales Beach rather than having to pay the admissions fee at Seal Bay.  After travelling down the bumpiest road ever (best not to look at anyplace on your body that contains any cellulite when driving this road), and getting flayed alive by sand whipping in the wind along the beach…we saw zero seals.  But we did get to see an amazingly beautiful beach.

Five minutes later we hurried back to the car, paid the admissions fee, and saw some seals at Seal Bay.  Woo hoo!

We spent another quiet night in American River, before going to a Eucalyptus oil distillery on our last day, where we discovered that 1) eucalyptus candy tastes much better than it sounds, 2) Emu oil comes from Emu fat, not oil from their feathers as I had always desperately hoped, and 3) kangaroos are exciting no matter how many times you see them.


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