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After our trip around Australia, we were both excited and a little sad to get on the plane to Japan. Perhaps the scariest part of our departure was realising how few bags we have to get us through the next year!

After a long layover in Kuala Lumpur, we arrived at the Osaka airport feeling tired and gross, but ready to explore Japan 🇯🇵.

As we made our way from Osaka to Kyoto, I was continually impressed at how helpful and kind everyone was.  From the gentleman who got on the train behind us and showed us how to turn around the seats, thereby avoided a melt down from Connor because he wanted us all to sit in the same row, to the man who helped us get off at the right train station, to the taxi driver who actually helped me figure out how to open the mailbox that held the key to our Airbnb (and kindly didn’t laugh when I kept saying konnichiwa, thinking it meant “thank you”), our introduction to Japan was orderly, and kind, and polite.

We ended up eating Chinese that first night, and now I desperately want to know if Chinese food made in Japan is more authentic than Chinese food made in Australia and the US.

The next morning, we ventured out and ate breakfast at a local cafe.  The kids were excited to discover pancakes on the menu, but weren’t quite as excited about the edemame that came as a side.

Full of yummy fuel, we did a bit of initial exploring around Kyoto.  We made a short foray into the Kyoto Imperial Gardens, followed by a walk to the river.  By the end of the day we were cold and tired, but thrilled to know we still had 3 weeks in Japan.

In the Kyoto Imperial Palace gardens.

I wasn’t expecting blossoms in January, and couldn’t resist getting a picture.

Connor just couldn’t resist climbing down to touch the river water.

Presumably, this is a seafood restaurant.  I thought it went well with my picture of a giant lobster from Australia. 


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