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Gion – The Kyoto I was expecting

Because I didn’t do quite enough research before coming to Japan, I was expecting Kyoto to be a small town that looked like the images of old time Japan that you see in movies.  Turns out it’s a large city, and in central Kyoto, where we’re staying, the modern somewhat overwhelms the traditional.

Then we found Gion.

Full of temples, shrines, markets, and small streets with shops and restaurants, this was more like the Japan I pictured while reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

We wandered temples, shrines, and gardens until the kids begged to go home…

Wanders through a marketplace and side streets…

And ended the night at Gion Corner, watching a series of cultural performances, including traditional music, dances, a tea ceremony, and plays.

The kids are still talking each day about how much they miss Australia, but with each day of new discoveries, they’re slowly coming see the joys of travelling.


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