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Nijo-jo Castle

We didn’t let our coldest day, yet, stop us from seeing Nijo-jo Castle (Mooooom – ANOTHER castle?!).  Unlike the other palaces we’ve seen, this one has a moat!

And weird, scary, twisty trees!

Similar to other temples and palaces we’ve seen in Japan, Nijo-jo has beautiful architecture with amazing attention to detail.

It also has gardens, although for some reason these gardens had a somewhat English feel to them.  (Moooom – can we go home now?)

And what’s this?  A second moat?!  Filled with HUGE, MAN-EATING CARP!

Although the best part of the castle is the lookout, where, if you face the right direction, you can see the castle, the city, and the mountains in one view, reminding you of how seamlessly Japan brings together the traditional, the modern, and nature.


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