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A day without temples or palaces

Ben and I have enjoyed roaming the temples, palaces, and shrines in Kyoto, but the kids are over it.  So yesterday, we saw some different sites.  We started with a walk through a bamboo forest.  If you were really quiet (which isn’t our kids’ strong suit) you could listen to the leaves rustle in the wind.

The bamboo forest led us to the cute town of Arashiyama.  Unfortunately, by then we were all a bit hangry, so I didn’t get a lot of photos.

That last picture is of the decorations for the Kimono Festival.

We were starting to get complaints about little legs being tired, so we decided it was time to up the fun factor with a trip to the Arashiyama Monkey Park.  You can mingle with the monkeys outside, or go inside to feed them through a fence.  Fair warning, it’s a long, steep walk up to the monkeys – but well worth it.

At 160 metres up, the monkey park also affords spectacular view of Kyoto and the surrounding mountains.

It’s about a 45 minute bus ride from central Kyoto to Arashiyama, but definitely worth the trip.


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