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We couldn’t resist

We may have given the kids the day off from palaces and temples yesterday, but today we just couldn’t resist, and took a trip to Kiyomizu-dera Temple.  To get there, you walk through a little town, which simultaneously evokes old world charm and feelings of a tourist trap.  Give yourself time to explore the stores and try the food, then start up the stairs to the temple. 

Unlike many of the other temples and palaces we had seen so far, Kiyomizu-dera had bright colours that were amazing on a sunny day. 

After you’ve strolled through the main grounds, take the time to follow the path to the smaller temple, both to see it up close, as well as to get great views of the buildings you were just in.

And if you have the inclination to take a path that looks deserted on your way out, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely garden to wrap up your visit.


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