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Mount Fuji, part 2

We were disappointed this morning to discover that due to the weather, the road to Station 5 on Mount Fuji was closed.  Then we discovered that a lot of the attractions we wanted to see were either closed for the winter, or else closed because it’s Wednesday (really, Mount Fuji, Wednesday?!).  But fear not, for about $15 per adult, we were able to get 2 day sight seeing bus passes, and we put them to good use.

Our first stop was the Saiko Yacho-no-Mori Park (Wild Bird Forest). We were lucky enough to arrive while the ice sculptures from the recent ice festival were still around.

A few miles later, we stopped at the Fugaku Fuketsu (Wind Cave).  It was a short walk to the entrance, and a shorter walk inside the lava cave than I was expecting, but still full of great sights, including ice formations and lava tubs.

By now we were cold and hungry, so stoped at a little roadside restaurant that had some great interior decoration – not to mention pizza and pasta, which made the kids very happy!

We wrapped up our day by switching from the green sight seeing bus to the red bus and went to a prime Mount Fuji picture spot.  The clouds were starting to roll in, which added a bit of ambience to the view.

Fingers crossed we make it up the mountain tomorrow!


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