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Mount Fuji…things that make you go Awe

We spent our last two days in Kyoto visiting the Kyoto National Museum and the Manga Museum.  Both were interesting and well worth a visit, although two days of museums in a row was a bit much for the kids, even if one museum was filled with comic books.

After saying goodbye to Kyoto, we hopped on the bullet train on our way to Mount Fuji.  This is a highly civilised way to travel.  My favourite part, though, is seeing how people live outside the main cities and tourist attractions.  I always feel like watching the towns slide by from a train or bus window gives you a better view into a country.  

We were excited to make it to Mount Fuji.  We had booked a Japanese style room in a ryokan right on lake Kawaguchiko, and although I’m definitely too old to sleep comfortably on the floor, it was a fun experience.

While it was amazing seeing Mount Fuji in winter, snow-capped, just like you see it in all the pictures, I’d warn that winter is the off season, and it’s not easy finding an open restaurant to eat at.  Still, views like this made it worth wandering around at night in search of something the kids would eat.

Mount Fuji, part 2, coming soon…


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