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Island hopping: Cheung Chau

Today we took the ferry from central Hong Kong to Cheung Chau.  On the way there, we popped on the ordinary ferry, which is a bit different than the ferry in Sydney.  It cost about $3.50 AUD for an adult, and took about 45 minutes for the trip.

Despite being a gray and misty day, it was great getting to see Hong Kong from the sea, as well as a number of small islands along the way.

Cheung Chau has a wonderful fishing village feel that we haven’t experienced anywhere else, yet.  Brightly coloured boats…

Seafood drying…

And small, waterfront eateries, which I’m sure we’re serving the seafood that just came off the boats.

After wandering the waterfront markets, we went further afield, and found beautiful flowers…

Plazas and side streets…

And a completely unexpected Lion dance.

After one last look around the bay…

We jumped on the fast ferry home (which is much quicker than the ordinary ferry, but not great for the sea sick among us).

I may have been green around the gills by the time we got back, but it was well worth the trip.


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