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Hiking in Hong Kong

One of the great things about Hong Kong is that you’re in the middle of a crowded, busy city, yet in a couple train stops you can be hiking a mountain.  We took the kids to Quarry Bay (just three stops from Causeway Bay to the Quarry Bay MTR stop) to hike up Mount Parker.  This is a paved road that, although it’s somewhat steep for small children, is an easy climb.

Not too far up the path is the Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre.  If you have the time, this is well worth a visit.  It’s well laid out, interesting, and educational, but small enough that we made it through before the kids got bored.  And it’s free!

Keep hiking for some great views of the city.  I’m sure the views from the top are amazing, but this is as high as we got.

On the way down, if you have the time, consider taking the Tree Walk, which will take you through a lovely (if not always clearly marked) walk through the forest.  Along the way, you’ll get to see massive stoves that were built as part of defences for World War 2.  And take note – there are a lot of steps on this path, so definitely better to do it on the way down.

You’ll know you’re close to the end of the trail when you start to glimpse high rise apartments through the trees.

This path brings you out in Korn Hill,near the Tai Koo MTR station.  If you’re feeling hungry, there’s a Pizza Express right there, which has a children’s meal that includes this fantastic dessert set:

Which for small children with tired legs, makes the whole trip completely worthwhile. 


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