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The view from the top

I’m pretty sure that if you go to Hong Kong and don’t go to The Peak, no one here will ever be your friend again.  And I like all of the people I know in Hong Kong.  So last Saturday we went to The Peak.

First important piece of information, The Peak is actually Victoria Peak, and it’s hanging out right by Central, which is very convienient.  You can hike to the top, or if you have children with small legs in your party, you may want to take the tram.  Warning: the tram only takes cash or the Octopus card, so plan accordingly.

When you buy your tram ticket, you can bundle in admission to the Sky Terrace 428.  This is an outdoor observation deck, and I’d highly recommend it.  Along with the great views of Hong Kong, they give you an audio tour that was actually really interesting.

If you can manage to go on a clear, sunny day, that would be ideal, but even on a gray day, the views are lovely.

Once you’ve finished taking inthe view, there’s plenty more to do.  There are a number of different restaurants to choose from if you’re feeling peckish.

There’s a small bouncy castle outdoors.

And there’s a 3D picture centre.  It’s free to enter and you can take your own pictures, but they’ll give you the hard sell on their pictures when you leave.

And last, but not least, there’s a big, plastic puppy, and I have yet to meet the little kid who can walk past a plastic puppy without stopping to pet it.

What more could you ask for from a mountain top?


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