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Like a moth to the flame

It was beautifully warm today, so there was no way we were passing up the chance to check out the beach in Hong Kong.  A short bus ride took us to Repulse Bay, where the kids were quickly running for the water, despite the fact that it’s still technically winter.

After the beach we had a play on the playground and wandered past the many restaurants and shops.

Which led us to the most unexpected and delightful part of Repulse Bay, the Kwan Yam Shrine and Tin Hau Statue.  Joined by a number of colourful statues, they create a beautiful and impressive place to pray or simply gaze at the water.

By now, the kids had pointed out multiple times that we’d been at the beach for ages and still hadn’t had any ice cream.  We’d wandered into The Pulse, and immediately found an ice cream store with a lovely view of the beach.

We wrapped up the day with a play on the bouncy castle, and reflected that the reason we liked Repulse Bay so much probably had a lot to do with the fact that the whole area feels very Australian.  As much as we’re enjoying our travels, every once in awhile it’s nice to feel like you’re home.


2 thoughts on “Like a moth to the flame

  1. Enjoying the posts with Chaya who asks ‘Has Sophie seen the world’s biggest escalator in Hong Kong?’
    Keiron, Orly, Chaya and bump …
    Chaya types: But just to warn you, the bump is actually the baby in Chaya’s mum’s tummy.

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    1. I completely forgot about the escalator! We’ll definitely have to do it this weekend. And I’m glad Chaya warned me about the bump 😂


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