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Hong Kong Disneyland – Part 1 of many

We went to Hong Kong Disneyland on Thursday, hoping that the fact that it was a weekday and rather gray would mean less crowds.  Plus, it was my birthday, and what better way to celebrate!

The excitement starts before you even arrive.  As we waited for the express train to Disneyland, we joked about whether the train would be decorated.  As always, Disney didn’t disappoint.

We made sure to get there early, because we know that at Disneyworld in Orlando there’s a welcome show.  Unlike in Orlando, though, it’s not hard to get to HK Disney early, since it doesn’t open until 10:30.  It turns out there’s no special opening show, but we still had a great time looking at the water statue.

Walking into Disney is always a magical experience, and even though the castle in Hong Kong isn’t as large as the one in Disneyworld, walking down Mainstreet still filled me with excitement.

We got started on rides right away, so we could get on as many as possible before the lines got long.  We started with Cinderella’s Carousel…

And Dumbo…

After which, Ben took one for the team and went on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups with Sophie.

Finally, we arrived at the ride Sophie had been waiting for – It’s a Small World.

I’ve never seen the kids point and yell, “Look at that!” so many times.

We finished up our pre-lunch rides with Mickey’s Philharmagic.  

By now it was 12 (so much fun squeezed into the first hour and a half!), and we decided to try out the Royal Banquet Hall.  Although it was really just a food court, through the magic of Disney, eating there still felt like an event.  Plus, they had both steamed rice and French fries, so we could feed both kids at one location, which is a rare occurrence.

And with that, I end this first blog on Hong Kong Disneyland.  More to come!


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