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Hong Kong Disneyland – The saga continues

After lunch, both kids tried to prove they were worthy of Arthur’s sword, but to no avail.

We then took a wander through the Fairytale Garden.  Unfortunately, Tinkerbell had gone tinkering, so we didn’t get to meet her, but the various princess themed gardens were beautiful, and the kids loved trying the interactive storybook scenes.

After Fantasyland, we moved on to Adventureland, where we went on the Jungle River Cruise…

Played the drums…

And avoided getting wet in the Liki Tiki.

Coming out ofAdventureland, we were excited to discover Toy Storyland, which we’ve never seen in another Disney.  We ran around feeling like tiny toys, and this time it was my turn to sacrifice and go on the Slinky Dog ride.

There was only one ride in Toy Storyland that the kids were interested in, so we quickly moved along to Mystic Point, where we explored the Garden of Wonders and rode the Mystic Mansion ride.  We thought this would be similar to the Haunted Mansion in Orlando, but it was much less scary.

Are we tired, yet?


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