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How to entertain kids in Macau

When I told people we were going to spend a few days in Macau, most of them looked at me like I was insane.  They told me all there is to do in Macau is gamble – what was I going to do with the kids?  It turns out there’s lots to do with kids.  

Today was rainy, so we headed to the hotels on the Cotai Strip.  This is similar to the Strip in Las Vegas, complete with The Venetian and The Parisian hotels.  We started the morning in The Venetian.  I was excited to show the kids the ceiling, which I loved the first time I saw it in Vegas.  While the kids did think the internal river, sky, and buildings were neat, Sophie was quick to point out that unlike the ceiling in Hogwarts, this ceiling wasn’t actually enchanted.

As we explored the hotel, we found spontaneous entertainment, including a magician, a royal lady, and a funky string quartet.

By then, we were ready to move on.  The Sands hotels were featuring the Dreamworks characters, and we were lucky to get pictures with the Penguins and Alex from Madagascar…

Plus Shrek, a dragon, and Po.

And, in true Vegas style, in the picture with Po, I’m holding the kids’ free 🍿 popcorn.

We also spent a ton of time checking out the various fountains.  From fountains that danced in time to music to those that shot water up two stories high, it’s amazing how long the kids stood transfixed at each one.

We wrapped up the day with the Dreamworks parade.  It was short, but the kids loved getting the chance to give all of the characters one last hug before leaving.

Six hours later we were exhausted, happy, and ready to go home.  Plus, I broke 13,000 steps, which makes the day a huge success!


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