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East meets West: Old Town Macau

After spending yesterday in the hotels while it rained, we were excited to get out to do a bit of exploring today.  We went over the bridge to old town Macau to see the Portuguese influence.

Ben and I are reading Shogun, and we’re fairly certain that the character of Rodrigues is based on Jorge Alvarez.

We didn’t have to walk far to see Portuguese architecture emerge.

And a quick walk through the Lou Kau Mansion led to a discussion with Sophie about how even the fanciest houses from hundreds of years were not nearly as warm or bug free as today’s houses.  But the building itself was lovely.

We worked our way to the Ruins of St. Paul’s.  It was amazing to see a cathedral wall that looked like it came straight out of Rome.

At Sendai Square, we were reminded that life is just a matter of perspective.  This is the view you expect based on the pictures in the guide book…

And this is the view you get if you take a picture from a different side of the fountain.

Although this was by far the cutest view in the square, as evidenced by the fact that the kids got mobbed by tourists who wanted to take a picture with them.

It was mid-afternoon by now and we were all a bit cold and over architecture, so we got on a bus back to Macau island where we visited the Giant Panda 🐼 Pavilion.

Only two of the Giant Pandas We’re out, and they were both sleeping, but that was more than made up for by the other animals, including a red panda…

And multiple play areas.

Tomorrow we have half a day in Macau, then we get on a plane to Thailand.  While we’re excited for the next leg of our adventure, we’ll be sorry to say goodbye to Hong Kong and Macau.


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