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We’re very cultured

For the first time since we started this trip, we went on a formal, guided the tour.  It involved a lot of time in shuttles, and some very confusing moments, but it ended up being a great day.

We started at the Floating Markets, where both you and a number of the vendors float along the river in boats.

We had a few great buys, including flip flops for Sophie that actually have bells on them, and a silk, stuffed elephant for Connor.

This was followed by a short boat trip down the river…

And lunch at an elephant and crocodile farm, where we saw neither elephants nor crocodiles.

Our afternoon was spent at the Rose Garden, which is set up like a traditional Thai village, where you can try traditional crafts, and see elephants!

There was dancing and sword fighting…

And the kids’ favourite – Muay Thai fighting!

Things got calmer after that, with fan painting and traditional dancing…

Followed by making clay elephants and flower sticks.

The day wrapped up with a cultural performance, including fighting, dancing, and a wedding.

The kids aren’t always super excited about our excursions, but this trip they’re still talking about.


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