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Sorry, Mom, we’re moving to Prague

We got to Prague last night, and after a jet lagged wake up call from Connor at 4am, we were ready to get out and about – mainly so that we didn’t fall back asleep mid-morning.  We are staying in Mala Strana, literally a couple minutes walk from both the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

But before we could walk even that far, we needed breakfast.  I felt oh-so-European watching the kids sip their drinks (yes, that’s chocolate on Sophie’s forehead).  And, luckily, they weren’t upset when their pancakes actually turned out to be crepes.  It helped that they were filled with Nutella.

Because our jet-lagged addled brains couldn’t handle much planning, we just decided to walk toward the Charles Bridge and see where we ended up.  It turns out, there’s not a spot in this part of Prague that isn’t beautiful.

From the Charles Bridge, with its water views…

And statues…

To quaint streets…

Beautifully decorated buildings…

And Old Town Square, where we saw the Astronomical Clock and the beginning of the set up for the Easter Market…

We were absolutely blown away at every turn.

All of the oohing and ahhing helped us work up an appetite, so we decided to try the traditional treat, Trdlo.  The kids refused to get one, but it only took a minute for them to start taking bites of mine.

We wrapped up the morning with a stop at a playground, since we hadn’t been able to find any in Thailand, and the kids were going into withdrawal.

Now we’re back at the apartment counting down the time until we can go get dinner, not because we’re hungry (although I’ve already decided on Goulash and hot wine), but because finishing dinner means we can finally go to bed.


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