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Venice isn’t the only city with canals

The last two days have been busy, starting with a bus and boat tour of the city yesterday.  I found the commentary fascinating, since before coming here, all I knew about this city involved a vague memory of learning about the Defenestration of Prague in social studies.  As a result, I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but everyone’s awfully cute in the ones I did get.

The best part of the boat tour was discovering that there’s a brand of gingerbread beamed after Ben!

By the time we had finished two hours of tours, all the kids wanted to do was go to the playground, but we managed to get Connor to hold a pastel bird…

Listened to some traditional Czech music on the Charles Bridge…

And took a peak at the love padlocks.

A stop at the playground refreshed the kids, but didn’t at all stop them from complaining the entire way to the John Lennon wall.  If we hadn’t been staring at a wall dedicated to a man who espoused peace and love, I may have snapped.

We wrapped it all up with beer and hot spiced wine, because by the time we got to the restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner, the kids were cranky and Mama had lost her cool.


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