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Holy Fitbit!

I got a Fitbit a couple years ago, and for the first year I was diligent about wearing it.  Then I got a cold and stopped wearing it, then I couldn’t find the charger so couldn’t wear it, and next thing you know, I couldn’t even find the Fitbit.

But I figured we do a lot of walking on this trip, so as we packed up our house I found all the components, charged it up, and got back into Fitbit.  Which is all to say that over the last two days, I have done a gazillion steps – and that’s an exact number…my Fitbit says so.

We started Friday by walking to the absolutely awesome peeing statues (with a slight detour to see the swans).  I was expecting some so lightly absurd, stylised statue.  Nope – these statues are very realistic.  If it wasn’t art, it would have been completely inappropriate.  (Note that the shape they’re peeing into is the outline of the Czech Republic.)

With that tourist attraction (ahem) under our belt, we headed over to Petrin Hill.  It was a beautiful spring day, which made us once again consider a move to Prague.

After almost 2 hours on the playground…

We started hiking up the hill, which didn’t look all that steep from the bottom, but turned out to be quite a climb.  We were rewarded with some lovely views along the way, and we rewarded ourselves with a picnic when we reached the top.

Feeling sufficiently refreshed, we decided to climb the Petrin Hill Observation Tower.  Despite having complained during the entire hike up the hill, the kids were champs climbing the 300 steps to the top of the tower.  Ben and I were a bit more shaky, but the views of Prague from the top were worth it.

After 300 steps back down, we treated the kids to ice cream (there’s an ice cream stand directly at the bottom of the stairs – well played, Prague, well played), and went through the mirror maze.  The maze wasn’t particularly tricky, but it was lovely.

We finally meandered back down the hill, and let the kids spend another hour at the playground before walking home on shaky legs.  Take that, 10,000 steps.


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