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Prague Easter Market

I’ve spent our entire time in Prague waiting for the Easter Markets to open, so we made a beeline to the Old Town Square yesterday morning.

We had a glorious spring day filled with the sound of traditional Czech music, the smell of delicious food, and the sight of colourful ribbons blowing against a perfect blue sky.

We watched some traditional dancing…

Tried the gingerbread, sausages, and kebabs…

And made a couple new friends.

At the end of the market, we found ourselves at the entrance to the St. Nicholas Cathedral, so we had a quick peak inside.  It’s not huge by European standards, but it was lovely.

By now we were all tired, so we went home for a rest before heading out again to watch a marionette production of Don Giovanni.  Luckily, they had a 5:30 showing and had reduced the show to 70 minutes (and really, for the kids, 30 minutes would have been enough), and everyone enjoyed an hour of culture.

Being the first day of the spring tourist season meant that there are now paddle boats out on the river, and we stopped a minute to watch them on the walk home.

And then, in a moment of daring (or maybe stupidity), we decided 6:45 wasn’t too late to eat dinner at a restaurant with the kids.  The restaurant we went to looks like your normal cafe from the street, but we ended up getting a table in their basement brewery, which was interesting enough to keep everyone well behaved for awhile.  Ben and I tried traditional Czech dishes, and even Sophie got in on the action with a sausage.

We finally limped home close to 8, happy, full, and ready for bed.


2 thoughts on “Prague Easter Market

    1. Thanks! We were in Austria for Easter, too, but not in a large enough town to have an Easter market. I was wondering how the ones in Austria were – glad to hear they’re good!


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