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When Prague out-Disney’d Disney

The last two days we visited Prague Castle.  Sunday was a beautiful spring day.  With bright blue skies, a traditional band playing, people dressed up as royalty, almost no cars on the street, and no trash in sight, this is what it would be like if Disney decided to add Prague to Epcot.  Except that Prague does it better than Disney ever could.

We were excited to finally see all of the St. Vitus Cathedral after spending all week only seeing the spires above the castle walls.

Although it might not be the largest Cathedral in Europe, inside it’s filled with high vaulted ceilings, amazing stained glass windows, and beautiful statues and art work.

Also inside the castle, hiding behind an unexpected red facade, is St. George’s Basilica.  While it’s not as grand as St. Vitus, it’s well worth a visit.

When you’re tired of touring buildings, you can head to Golden Lane.  Still within the castle walls, Golden Lane lets you see how people such as knights and merchants lived within the castle.  In fact, some of the residences still had occupants into the 1950s.  There are also some interesting exhibits on armour, weapons, and dungeons.  By the way – Connor’s not upset in these pictures – that’s his serious soldier face.

We wrapped up our visit with a walk through the South Gardens and the Royal Gardens.  These gardens might not be as grand as English gardens, and they weren’t a riot of colourful flowers, but wow do they have some ridiculously green grass.

And that, my friends, is it for Prague.  We left this morning and arrived in Budapest, Hungary a couple hours ago.  See you on the Danube!


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