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I Confess

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for one of those blog posts about how to work out and eat healthy while on the road – 10 Tips for Staying Fit in Hotel Rooms – you’re in the wrong place…
When we first started our trip, I had grand plans for getting in shape.  Surely, since I wouldn’t be working, I could wake up an hour before everyone else and go for a brisk walk.  That, combined with a dedication to healthy eating, would lead to me being in the best shape I’d seen since Connor was born.

But it was really cold in Japan, and I didn’t feel particularly safe walking by myself in the early morning in Hong Kong, and I discovered that people give you strange looks if you go for a walk in Thailand, and I’m sure I had a good excuse in Prague, as well.

Then there’s the fact that the food in Prague and Budapest has been ridiculously delicious.  There are the chimneys lined with Nutella and filled with ice cream…

And Budapest has some sort of deep fried dough covered in Nutella.

There are the delicious sausages…

This potato, pork, and sauerkraut combo…

Goulash in bread bowls and fried potatoes…

And various meats in beer and cream sauces with hearty dumplings.

Throw in some super rich hot chocolate, and I’ve decided I’m never stepping on a scale again.


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