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Why do they have stick figure crime scenes in Budapest?

Ok, so it’s meant to be a picture of a person running, but I swear something fishy went down there…

We had one last day in Budapest, and we were going to get the most out of it.  We still had tickets for a boat cruise on the Danube, so we walked down to the river – crossing our third marathon in Europe along the way.

The Buda Castle and Parliament buildings won the day, striking quite the figures on the banks.

We got off at Margaret Island for some urban nature time.  Since it’s still early spring, most of the restaurants and attractions were closed, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the nature paths…

The mini zoo…

And the Japanese Garden (which was distinctly un-Japanese, but we’ll give them a pass).

The best part of the island by far was the ruins.  The kids climbed and played, and I grew a few more gray hairs.

We even had time for a floral photo shoot.

The boat ride back was lovely, but the kids lost interest about halfway through.  When we got back on dry land, we hopped on the Ferris wheel in Elizabeth Square that had been tempting the kids all week.

With those beautiful views in mind, we say goodbye to Budapest, and turn our sights to Austria.


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