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The sound of music

First, two corrections.  In my past posts on Budapest, I kept referring to the Buda Castle, but it turns out it’s actually a Palace.  Who knew there was a difference between the two?  Also, the day we did the boat tour wasn’t actually our last day in Budapest.  The next day was, and we spent it at the Szechenyi Baths.  One of Budapest’s famous thermal baths, it had more than 15 pools in all different temperatures, both inside and outside.  It was marvellous to swim in the outdoor pool, even though it was cool outside.  And I’m quite sure the mineral rich waters vastly improved my health.

But after the baths, we did indeed head to Austria.

We’ve been staying in a castle (not a palace) in Deutschlandsberg, a small town in south east Austria.  That’s it up on the hill.  Sophie and Connor have truely felt like a Princess and Prince.

And Ben and I have been stuffing ourselves on the amazing food in the beautiful restaurants.

The town itself is quiet and quaint, and we’ve enjoyed walking through the streets.  The kids were especially excited to discover the playgrounds.

Nothing like fresh mountain air to make happy (and very tired) children.


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