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Nature time!

We’ve sought out urban nature whenever we could during our trip, spending time in parks or hiking.  Deutschlandsberg, Austria, though, has given us the chance to be back in proper nature. Most days we hiked down to the river behind the castle where we could walk until the kids got tired, or else simply find an area good for climbing rocks and playing “Splish Splash”, the name the kids made up for throwing rocks into the water.

I’ve never seen the kids so excited to turn off their computer screens and go outside to play, even when there’s no playground involved.

We did visit a museum one day, but that was the extent of our formal sightseeing here.

As much as we’ve pushed the kids to learn and soak up culture as we travel from country to country, it was nice to spend the last week just watching them play in the woods.

That’s all about to change, though.  We head to Venice today, where everyone’s in for some serious museum time!


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