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Ciao, Venice

During our last two days in Venice we went to Murano, the island famous for glass.  I didn’t get many pictures, because there’s really not much to see.  And if we’re really honest, we found that the glass items on Murano seemed to be more repetitive than the items you could get in Venice.  On a major bright note, we found our first playground!

One playground isn’t enough for us, though.  On the boat ride from Venice to Murano. We had noticed a very large park area, which seemed like a likely,ovation for a playground.  Neither Ben nor I had been to this area of Venice before – we didn’t even realise it existed – so we spent our last day walking across Venice through beautiful weather and enjoying the park.

Four days doesn’t sound long, but we felt like we saw everything we needed to, including a few a forgot to mention, like the Rialto Bridge and going up the tower in San Marco Piazza.  So we set off on the ferry to Greece happy and ready for our 10th country!


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