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Venetian holiday

We had a lovely four days in Venice, but we didn’t have internet (oh, the horror!), so I’m way behind on my posts.  We were lucky to have an apartment just a few steps from San Marco piazza, and we took advantage of the view (and gelato!) every chance we got.

Our first full day in the city was rainy, windy, and cold, so we visited the Basilica in an attempt to stay warm.  The next day, though still chilly (darn you Siberian cold front!), was sunny, so we decided to do something neither Ben nor I could afford to do when we visited Venice (separately) as uni students – we went on a gondola ride.  Apparently, gone are the days when the gondoliers sang as they rowed – ours conti ally checked his phone – but it was still a fun way to see the city.  Plus, Sophie felt like a princess with the fancy seats.

Along with our gondola ride, we indulged in two of our favourite Venitian past times – eating and taking pictures of pretty side streets.

We won’t let the cold weather keep us indoors!


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