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Forgive me, Greece, I was a fool

When I was younger and dreamed of places I’d like to visit, Greece never made the list.  This was primarily because I thought I wouldn’t like the food.  After all, I don’t like olives.  But after three days in Athens, Ben and I have lost all resolve to eat less, although I’m fairly sure we’ve had more veggies in three days than in the rest of our trip combined.

But enough about food.  Given the large amounts we’re eating, it’s good that we’re also doing a lot of walking.  We started our first full day with a walk up the Filopappou Hill, where we had a great view of the Acropolis and all of Athens.  Considering how much the kids whined about leaving the house, they ended up loving the hill.  We had to pretty much drag them back down.

Best of all, on the way down, we saw a tortoise!  And it was Sophie who found it (Ben’s usually our wildlife spotter).

We spent the afternoon wandering through Plaka, where we started by eating lunch (of course)…

Then wandering the streets and shops.

We ended up with a Greek princess and Spartan warrior by the time we were done.

After spending all of yesterday outside, we decided to start today with a trip to the National Archeological Museum.  It was a good Museum, and massive, but we had some kid drama and we were all exhausted and ready to leave after a couple hours.  Most of the interior photos are courtesy of Sophie.

Having survived the Museum, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the National Garden, where they have a playground (yea!)…

A zoo (sort of)…

And some nice green areas, although this was by far the least manicured garden we’ve been to.

Some ice cream rounded off the day, and tomorrow holds the promise of hot weather and a beach.


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