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We’re ruined

A couple days ago we bought a ticket that gets us into seven ruins.  The catch is that you only have five days to visit them all, so we’ve been on a serious ruin tour.  And we’re exhausted.  Our local host had warned us to leave the Acropolis until the end.  He said it’s so impressive, that everything else will be a disappointment.

We started with Hadrian’s Arch…

The Temple of Olympian Zeus…

And the sight of the first modern Olympics (which isn’t technically a ruin, but it is made of stone).

We wrapped the day up at the playground (woo hoo!), but the next day we were back at it, with a (very long) walk to Keramikos.  This is an area where they see to make pottery, which was often used as part of the burials in the adjoining cemeteries.

Luckily for the kids, the long walk meant that we didn’t visit any other ruins yesterday, but today we pushed the boundaries with visits to three ruins.  The Ancient Agora was first.  This was the first time we saw buildings that were still quite intact.  It was almost enough to keep the kids’ interest.  The most amazing thing was to see how advanced the sculptures were.  We always talk about Michaelangelo’s David, but thousands of years before David, the Greeks were creating sculptures just as perfect.

Hadrian’s Library was next.  It was interesting, but it ended in tears when Connor picked up a stone (not part of the ruin, I swear) and one of the women working there made him put it back down.

Finally, with the last ounce of strength left in our legs (and a promise of ice cream for everyone who was good), we stopped at the Roman Agora.  Luckily, there’s not much to look at there, so it was just a quick visit.

And now we’re home, Ben and I groaning every time we move, and the kids watching Michael Jackson music videos on You Tube (don’t ask).  Tomorrow’s a recovery day while we prepare for a big day at the Acropolis.  Wish us luck!


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