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Road trip, Greece style

It’s funny, the things you miss when travelling long term.  We rented a car a few days ago to take a day trip out of Athens, and we were so excited to be able to drive wherever we wanted, take random turn-offs, and stop and start our trip at any time.  I was actually jealous of Ben, who drove the whole time since I can’t drive a manual.

So we jumped into the car with enthusiasm and started down the coast, eyes glued on the clear water of the Mediterranean.  Our first stop was Vouliagmeni, a cute seaside town where, thanks to the off season, $2 Euro got us onto a beautiful beach with free chairs and umbrellas, two playgrounds, and clean bathrooms.  Take that, Jersey Shore.

Hours later we dragged ourselves away from the beach in search of lunch.  The call of the ocean was too much, though, and we ended up eating a picnic lunch on some rocks we climbed.

From there it was just a short ride to Sounio, where we visited the Temple of Poseidon.  The kids were thrilled.

Somewhat sadly, we turned the car for home, although we did stop for some dinner along the way, because we are absolutely in love with Greek food.


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