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Our travel reading list

As we’ve traveled, we’ve tried to find books to read that were relevant to the region or country we were in.  For those of you who like to do the same, here’s a list of the books we’ve been reading.

Japan – Shogun – This got off to a bit of a slow start, but about a chapter in, I really started to enjoy it.  I would love to know how much of the culture that was described in the book is still common in Japan today.

For the kids – I remember reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes when I was younger.  I downloaded the book on my Kindle for the kids, but it’s a sad story, and I decided they might not be ready for it.  It’s probably more appropriate for kids who are at least 9.

Hong Kong – The Joy Luck Club – I’m 90% sure I read this book before, but I couldn’t remember  the end and enjoyed reading it again.

Budapest – The Bridge at Andau – Unlike the other books, which are all historical fiction, the book is a compilation of true stories about Hungary based on interviews.  It’s a bit slow, and there’s a decent amount of pro-democracy propoganda, but it’s an interesting account of a country’s history that I hadn’t learned about in school.

Austria/Hungary/general region – The Accidental Empress – Fun historical fiction about the Hapsburgs toward the end of their rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Athens – The Last of the Wine – Slightly less fun historical fiction (I’m not enjoying this author’s style as much), but an interesting account of Ancient Greek life that adds a bit more colour than you would have had in 10th grade history.



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