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What’s cooler than the Bat Cave?

We may be in Crete to relax, but we felt the need to get out and explore at least one day, so we rented a car and started driving.

The kids were less than thrilled when we started the day at Knossos.  This palace is famous for housing the labyrinth of the Minotaur.  Sadly, they’ve never actually found any labyrinthine remains, so while we still enjoyed exploring the ruins of the palace, we didn’t get to test our maze skills.

We then hopped in the car for the 1 1/2 hour drive to Agios Nikolaus.  We didn’t stay long, but we did take a peek at Lake Voulismeni.  Despite the amazing technology we have today, we still can’t find the bottom of the lake.  You can’t really tell from looking at it that it’s a bottomless lake, but it is pretty, and there are about a gazillion restaurants around, if you’re hungry.

And look at that random dog house by the lake.  I’m not even sure how you would get a dog to it, but kudos to the person who took the time to build it.
From there, we made the short drive to Elounta, where we ate outside the resort for the first time in 11 days – oh my!

We wanted to take a boat from Elounta to Spinalonga, but Sophie and I were both pretty motion sick by now, and the thought of a 20 minute boat ride was just too much.  We continued up the coast in the hope of finding a shorter route.  And such luck!  The boat from Plaka to Spinalonga is only 5 minutes, so on we popped.

Spinalonga is actually a fascinating island, but by now it was 4:30 and the kids were tired, so we did the abbreviated tour.  Still, it was long enough to discover that despite everyone referring to it as a leper colony, the island only served that purpose for about 50 years.  It had been an important military base for thousands of years before the first leper ever went there.

A quick boat ride back to Plaka, a climb on some rocks, and, of course, a play in the playground…

Had the kids asking to go home, but Ben and I pulled rank and decided to go see the cave where Zeus was born.  Because, seriously, how often do you get to see Zeus’ birthplace?  I was regretting that choice as we drove over incredibly windy roads through the mountains, but it would be impolite to throw up in a god’s house, so I toughened up and enjoyed the cave.

On the way, Google Maps had us actually drive through someone’s field.  Not cool, Google, not cool.

We made it home at 9:25, which left us with 5 minutes to eat as much as we could at the buffet before dropping 4 tired bodies into beds.  And we haven’t left the resort, again, since.

(And in case you’re still wondering, the only thing cooler than the Bat Cave is Zeus’ Cave.  Mwahahaha… I crack myself up.)


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