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Almost every UK tour recommendation includes Bath, so I was looking forward to getting there yesterday.  We had a few short delays on the way there (I can’t navigate in this country, and Sophie lost a tooth!) but we finally made it just in time to wait in a long line for the Roman Baths just as the rain got hard.  But never fear, we had our rain coats and toughed it out.

I was expecting the baths to be a quick, pop-in, but they ended up being large and full of interesting information.  They even had a kid’s tour and activity room, where we made ancient Roman board games.

Two hours later we emerged and walked a few steps to the Bath Abby.  The flying ceiling in the Abby is the most impressive we’ve seen, and overall, this was one of the most interesting and beautiful churches we’ve been to.

We probably could have spent another hour or two just exploring the town, but the rain continued to fall and everyone was chilly, so after a delicious meal in Bath’s smallest pub (that’s  it’s official designation), we headed home to finally shed our rain jackets.


3 thoughts on “Bath

  1. I haven’t been to Bath in years, though my sister now studies there so I have a good reason to return in the near future! The Abbey looks absolutely beautiful – I have no recollection of having been in it, so will have to keep it in mind for when I (eventually!) return πŸ™‚

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