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Rocky Road to Pendennis Castle

We were up and on our way bright and early today, looking forward to attending a day of knightly events at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall.  All was going swimmingly until 20 minutes into our trip when our front tire blew.  We checked the trunk of our rental car – no spare.  We called the rental car company to inform them that the tire blew, we have no spare, and by the way, we have no idea where we are because none of the roads in this area seem to have names.  They told us they’d call back in 30 minutes with an update.  Thirty minutes later they informed us that no one in the area had a spare, and they’d call us back in another 15 minutes with a new update.  Fifteen minutes later they called to tell us they’d found a tire in Land’s End.  As you can guess by the name, Land’s End is not close by.  Two hours later, a truck showed up and a very nice gentleman put a new tire on our car.

And now at 1:30, having had no food in the car that Sophie liked and only Sultanas for Connor, we continued on our way to Pendennis Castle.  Luckily, it was fun (although, given the mood I was in, I did not take kindly to finding out that despite being open for another 1 1/2 hours, the cafe was no longer cooking chicken nuggets, and they had no other food the kids liked).

But I digress.  We saw juggling…

Cavalry and infantry fighting…


A cool little castle…

And, best of all, Sophie and Connor got lessons on how to shoot a bow and arrow.  The extremely nice man even gave Connor extra lessons on how to use his toy bow and arrow!

A rocky start, but a lovely finish.  And between getting thrown up on and a flat tire, surely our mornings can’t get any worse.


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