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From Land’s End to Wales

Remember the lovely tire guy who was from Land’s End?  Well, we decided Land’s End sounded cool, so yesterday we made the trip there.  It’s a cute little visitor centre…

A farm where you can see animals and make crafts, such as pottery…

And absolutely amazing views.

Plus, there was a playground – woo hoo!

After Land’s End, it was time to leave Cornwall and head north.  We decided to head into Wales to see Cardiff Castle, but it turns out in Cardiff, when you get to host the soccer championships, you turn your castle into a sports village.  

We soothed our annoyed selves with ice cream…

And made our way to Tintern Abbey.  I really hadn’t been feeling it today, but the Abbey was fantastic.  We were actually even glad for the gray weather today, as it added some extra ambiance to the scene.

Best of all, they had a playground!

Whew!  It’s taking us longer to go around the UK than we expected – there’s just way too much to see!


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