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What do all of the photos in this post have in common?

Answer at the end…

We had a very domestic day on Sunday – laundry, school work, and a visit with some of Ben’s family.  We then set off for the Lake District, where we settled into a lovely pub hotel in Pooley Bridge.

We woke up on Monday to rain, but that didn’t stop this family of intrepid explorers from taking a short walk along the lake front.

After our walk we hid inside for a couple hours to warm up, then braved the outdoors again to take a boat ride on the lake.  The kids couldn’t be convinced to go up on deck, so Ben and I took turns going up, while the other stayed with the kids, looking out of the windows.

We easily could have spent the rest of the week hiking around the lakes, but we’d only booked in for two nights, so this morning we set off for Glasgow.  Before we reached Scotland, though, we wanted to see Hadrian’s Wall.  We stopped at Carlisle Castle, only to discover that all of the stones from Hadrian’s Wall had been used to build the castle.  We were disappointed, but we still enjoyed a castle tour, including seeing the licking stones, which are the stones in the dungeon that the prisoners would lick the moisture from when they weren’t given water.  In the words of Sophie, “Yuck””

A half hour away, we found the largest uninterrupted section of Hadrian’s Wall.  We took a short walk along it, carefully avoindng the cow patties and the cows who made them.

We arrived safely in Scotland this evening.  It’s 9:30 pm, and it’s still so light out it feels like 5 pm.

And with that, I give you the answer to the riddle – what do all of the photos in this post have in common?  It’s gray and cloudy and rainy.  What’s up with your weather, UK?


3 thoughts on “What do all of the photos in this post have in common?

  1. Grey + cloudy + rainy = the authentic experience! Hope the weather perks up for you, though – it’s much nicer exploring when it’s sunny 🙂 I’ve never been to Glasgow so look forward to reading about that!

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