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Watch out for fairies!

I’d been very excited to head to the Scottish Highlands, mostly because I was convinced we’d find a fairy glen and fairies.  We left Glasgow early in the morning, but made a quick-ish stop at Stirling Castle before heading north.  It was especially interesting to see, as I’d just finished reading about Mary, Queen of Scots living there for the first five years of her life.  I have to say, Scotland does a much better job of bringing their castles to life than England does.

Our castle quota filled for the day, we took the long way to Inverness, and were rewarded with some spectacular views.  We were actually greatful for the cloud cover, which filled the drive with fantastic ambience.

It was a long drive, and we were ready to settle in by the time we reached Inverness.  We may not have seen any fairies, but we were pretty sure we’d get to see the Loch Ness Monster the next day.


One thought on “Watch out for fairies!

  1. Love the pics, and the playgrounds! Now that I have kids I totally get that :-). FYI I would definitely recommend reading Outlander while you’re in Scotland. It’s historical fiction set in the Highlands but an extremely accurate portrayal of the ’45 rebellion and Scottish culture. Plus the writing is extremely good quality, so that helps :-). I’ve always wanted to go to the Highlands since I read it! Hope you guys have lots of cool experiences there!

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