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Oh, deer!

Ok, I’m falling farther and farther behind on my posts, so it’s another two post day today.  After verifying that Nessie is, in fact, real, we headed off for Edinburgh.  On the way, we stopped off at Highlands Safaris, which was way farther off the beaten track than we were expecting, and due to the very winding roads led to Connor throwing up in the car.  But, as Ben pointed out, we’ve dealt with way worse (who can forget the time we showed up at a friend’s house with a vomit covered baby, and the first words out of our mouths were, “Where’s your bathtub?”), so we did a quick roadside clean up and continued on our way.  We spent a few happy hours panning for gold…


Learning about barn owls…

And feeding the deer.

True story – the ranger tells us that a deer’s horns are made of keratin, and asks the kids what else is made of keratin.  One kid raises his hand and says, “Fingernails.”  Correct.  Connor then raises his hand and says, “A pangolin’s scales are made of keratin and they use them for defence.”  To which the ranger had no response and quickly changed the subject.  For those who aren’t sure, pangolins are real, and Connor was correct.  Thanks, Wild Kratts!


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