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Edinburgh – land of the afternoon sun

After our nature break, we were ready to check out Edinburgh.  We’d heard people say the city is very Disney, and it is definitely one of the cleanest cities we’ve visited.  We started with the biggest attraction – Edinburgh Castle.  Once again, Scotland outdid itself with making its castles come to life.

The view of Edinburgh from the castle.

Look how excited the kids are to be at another castle!

The kings of Scotland, in chronological order.

Cool, but also slightly creepy.

Touching replicas of the Crown Jewels, before we went in to see the real things.  Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures of the real deal.

They’ve actually recreated the dungeons.  There was even a fake rat on the beam!
On our way back home, we walked through the Royal Mile…

And learned the story of Greyfriers Bobby, a dog who sat by his master’s grave for over 12 years.  When the dog died, they buried him in the graveyard, right outside the consecrated soil.

Unlike the dog, it appears the pirates can be buried in consecrated ground.

And a little wander through the old town.
The next day, Sophie was sick, and Connor decided that if Sophie didn’t have to leave the house, he shouldn’t have to, either.  Ben and I took turns staying home with them and going out for a solo explore.  I started with a walk through the new town…

Then wound my way back through the Princes Garden.

Like pretty much everyplace we’ve been on our travels, we could have spent way more time in Edinburgh than we did, but we have a date to keep with Harry Potter, and we can’t be late!


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